Though having Translation software,Why need a Translator ?

                                                               BLOOPER TRANSLATIONS

Why need a translator?
                   Look at these blooper translations on the net, which totally change the original meaning and many a times convey funny or negative  messages too.


1) Instructions on children's clothing label

"washing from left side" (wash inside out)
This is a literal translation of the German washing instructions, a superb example of the phrase "something got lost in the translation". Good intentions plus a dictionary  don't necessarily equal a translation. And neither does that which comes out of a computer translation program.

2) Look at this amazing  web translation. One of the member of Linkedln has  viewed my Blog and sent me a message  thanking me for the same .She sent me a mail in German language.When I translated it  in google translate ,see what message  i got!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               GERMAN VERSION      
      Frau kankshini  hat sich bedankt.. Das fand ich nett.
Ich finde es ganz toll, wie die deutsche Sprache in der Welt verbreitet ist ,wo immer die Menschen auch leben . Das ist doch ein riesen Plus. Helfen wir doch einfach

Mit Gruessen aus Californien.

                           GOOGLE TRANSLATION

Ms kankshini has thanked. I thought that was nice.
I think it is fantastic, as the German language is widespread in the world “where people are living in well”. That's a big plus. Just help us with.
With Regards from California.

3) Operating instructions of German refrigerator

This is okay for a British market, but to my American ear, it sounds like they want me to put a handful of potting soil in my fridge. In American English, this should say "grounded"


You are gonna miss something ,if u don't check this out!!!!!!!!!

You are gonna miss something ,if u don't check this out!!!!!!!!!

Hey!If u know German numbers ,then this exciting game is JUST FOR YOU.


LESSON-3: Learn german numbers by listening to this beautiful song

                                                               German Numbers

Numbers are called "ZAHLEN" in German.
The numbers from one to ten are especially important because they are used to form higher numbers. For a better understanding of how to pronounce German numbers, check standard consonant and vowel pronunciation in German.
  •               eins – one [eyns]
  •               zwei – two [tsvy]
  •              drei – three [dryh]
  •              vier – four [fear]
  •              fünf – five [fuihmf]
  •              sechs – six [zax]
  •              sieben – seven [zeebn]
  •              acht – eight [ahkht]
  •              neun – nine [noin]
  •              zehn – ten [tsahn]

                                             Now listen to this wonderful song!
Singer: Modo
Song: EinZweiPolizei


LESSON-2 : German Alphabets



---> Listen to this video on german Alphabet song.                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeP9xghqJao&feature=related