LESSON-3: Learn german numbers by listening to this beautiful song

                                                               German Numbers

Numbers are called "ZAHLEN" in German.
The numbers from one to ten are especially important because they are used to form higher numbers. For a better understanding of how to pronounce German numbers, check standard consonant and vowel pronunciation in German.
  •               eins – one [eyns]
  •               zwei – two [tsvy]
  •              drei – three [dryh]
  •              vier – four [fear]
  •              fünf – five [fuihmf]
  •              sechs – six [zax]
  •              sieben – seven [zeebn]
  •              acht – eight [ahkht]
  •              neun – nine [noin]
  •              zehn – ten [tsahn]

                                             Now listen to this wonderful song!
Singer: Modo
Song: EinZweiPolizei


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