Hey!lets see if u can be a" GermanGabbar"

Note:Pronounce in the way given in brackets

 Hindi version
German version

कितने आदमी थे ?
Wie(vee) viele(feele) Manner(mener) waren(varen)?

Kalia:   दो थे सरदार   
Sie(si) waren(varen) zwei(tsvai),Sardar !

दो आदमी ,सुवर के बच्चों !   
  zwei( tsvai) Manner(mener)!,Kinder(kinder)von(fon)                                                                                 schweinen(shweinen)

वो  दो  थे  और  तुम  तीन 
Sie(si) waren(varen)  zwei(tsvai) und(unt) ,        
 sie(si )waren(varen) drei(drei). 

फीर  भी  वापस  आगये  
Trotzdem(trotsdem) kam(kam) zurück(tsuruck)  

   Note: record your voice and mail me back.If you are successful I'll send further dialogues ,then soon may be Germans too can watch "Sholay" picture in German language and appreciate Indian talent!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Year of Germany and India 2011-2012

To mark 60 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and India, both countries are celebrating the Year of Germany and India 2011-2012 based on the motto "Germany and India - Infinite Opportunities", starting next autumn. The goal is to intensify and expand German-Indian relations, highlight existing cooperation and stimulate the development of new projects.

The central element of the commemorative year is a mobile event room which will be presented in India’s major cities for two weeks at a time as the face of “Germany and India 2011-2012”. The campaign is targeted at decision-makers in industry, science, education and civil society.