What is Deutschland famous for ?

Germany is particularly famous for its outstanding contributions to music (Techno Music, Beethoven, JS Bach and many others), to literature (Goethe, Schiller and many others), to the arts, architecture, and to nearly all branches of science and scholarhip. The German universities were the first to stress the importance of original research. From about 1880-1930 the German universities were widely considered the leading universities in the world for research.Germany is also famous for its achievements in technology and engineering.

On a different note, Germany is famous for its beers.


          German cars have always been a part of everyone's dream. Just imagine if you were able to ride in a speeding Porsche cruising Mercedes, or rest in the comforts of a rugged Audi. Whatever German car you choose, each one is definitely a winner. German cars gain their position on the world market due to quality. Germany is famous for the high-performance and high-quality sports cars made by Porsche, and the cars of BMW are famous for their quality, safety and technological innovation.